The Ultimat material was originally designed for comfort, performanceand durability, specifically for automotive use. Over 35years later the Ultimat brand is still the best selling, custom fit logo mat in the automotive aftermarket. Featuring premium two-ply Nylon yarn for greater density and weight than original factory mats, Ultimats provide long-lasting style and protection - Heat set, twisted 2 ply nylon for density, and crush resistance, Premium continuous filament yarn,cloth velour edge binding can't unravel. Optional premium vinyl binding material. Heavy latex infused, polypropylene inner layer moisture protection. Factory compatible anchoring devices, or Lloyd's proprietary anchor hooks keep mats firmly in place. Over 50 factory-matched interior colors. Computer-driven cutting process insures precise, consistent fit, Larger with greater floor coverage and protection than factory mats. Available for virtually all vehicles sold in the U.S. since 1950. Hundreds of trademark, lifestyle and personalized logo designs Warranty: Five years
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