2 Piece Heathered Berber Front Mats For Sprinter Van !

2 Piece Heathered Berber Front Mats For Sprinter Van !

Item# 2phbfmfsv19

2 Piece Front Floor Mats For Sprinter Van - New Multi-Tone Heathered Berber!


PICK from Multi Tone -  Black Gray Tan or Beige


Lloyd Mats has combined the stylish, classic look of traditional berber and the durability

of modern materials to create a unique, long wearing automotive floor mat. Berber 2

mats by Lloyd, have a low, tight loop carpet face of specially engineered six-ply

premium nylon yarn. They’re built to be the finest, longest wearing berber mat you can

put in your vehicle.

Multiple layers of backing, including a final layer of Lloyd’s TractionBac, form a moisture

barrier, provide stiffness and skid resistance, and complete this exceptional floor mat

product that will last for years.

Choose from nine colors including five solid and four “heathered” multi-tonal options.

Berber 2 mats can be customized with a variety of automotive trademarks, lifestyle

logos, or personalized in three standard fonts and twenty thread colors.

The elegant style of berber will be a beautiful enhancement to your vehicle’s interior.


Key Features

 Premium continuous filament nylon yarn

 Highly durable loop construction for long wear

 32 ounce per square yard carpet face

 Heavy latex and polypropylene middle backing

 High density, slip resistant natural and synthetic rubber backing

 Nine automotive complementary carpet colors

 Color matched velour edging

 Safety mat fasteners

 5 year warranty

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